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Defaults to avoid cancellation


Infopay, Inc.


Nov 20, 2023




The website uses a deceptive cancellation process. The customer must confirm twice in popup boxes that they want to cancel and not to retain or change their membership at a special offered rate. After declining twice the customer is presented with a box that confirms their cancellation but then provides a final option to switch to a “Pay-Per-Report” model with NO recurring payments. (This is the default model) The button to accept this default model is then placed exactly how the previous membership retention buttons were placed and where the cancellation buttons were previously placed is now a button to keep the membership. This is a deceptive practice where someone is conditioned to think that they are declining the membership but then are tricked into reinstating their membership immediately after actually cancelling it. Additionally the user is not provided with any means to close the popup box so they are forced to agree to a “Pay-Per-Report” model which has never been previously introduced or explained. The user feels like they have to make a choice and seeing as they are attempting cancel they are likely to be tricked into reinstating their membership.

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