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Difficult to exit out of freemium option


Picture This


Jun 6, 2023




This is a free app that uses a very deceptive means of tricking users to upgrade to the paid version which is $29 to $49 a year. When you open the app the screen presents three screens promoting the paid version. On the first two screens there is no way to bypass them and you are forced to press a large continue button. On the third screen is the same pitch to try it free for one week and the same large continue button. Only if you look carefully can you find the very small and muted x at the top left on the page. We accidentally clicked on the continue button and was immediately enrolled in the 7 day free trial with a notice we will be billed automatically on our iPhone on the 8th day unless we cancel. I am trying to cancel the subscription but there is no indication whatsoever on the app how to opt out. This is very disappointing since this is a scientific plant identification app and I would not have suspected that a science/educational app would resort to deceptive tactics.

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