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Difficult to find pre-selected terms of submission


Hum Nutrition


Oct 5, 2023


Health & Wellness


Went to place an order for supplements through their website and was signed up for a recurring subscription with a 3-month minimum without being made aware that I was signing up (or that subscriptions were even an option). Summary of the issue:
– Subscription options are displayed on the order summary page, at the very bottom, and you must scroll through several full pages of content to see them
– The 3 month commitment version of the subscription is automatically pre-selected
– You can press “check out” at the top of the screen without ever scrolling to see the subscription options, and it’s not clear that you should or need to scroll
– If you try to cancel, you will be told you have to pay x amount because you “signed up for” the three month subscription
– When you review your order summary on the check out page, no subscription is mentioned at all

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